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What do you value?

As you get older, what do you value in life?
‚ÄčThe corporate career, the bigger house, the faster car, the overseas holiday?

Problem is those things can disappear in a flash. And I’m not a doctor but I’ve trained guys who’s corporate job is probably killing them. Stressed to the max to sustain the house, the lifestyle, the holidays that add 5kgs each time.

We need to get real. How about placing value on feeling healthy, awake, energised, strong, powerful and in control.

Training is not a punishment for how long you sat, what you ate, drank etc. It should be a celebration of feeling bloody great about yourself, and being able to push a sled or lift a bar until your heart thumps out of your chest.

Getting older is a lame excuse we tell ourselves so that we can stop trying to be fit. Being too busy is a load of crap. It comes down to choices, and placing value on your fitness. No one has a choice about getting older, only a choice in how well we age.

Take time to re-evaluate, make changes, take action.

It’s simple. Start today.