Retirement Solutions

Personalised financial advice and planning for retirement, our services include:

Pre-retirement +
Retirement Planning

We offer financial planning and tailored advice for our clients preparing for retirement. Our Phase 3 planning approach gives us in depth insights into our clients financial position and goals, assisting us in developing a personalised plan to create financial confidence in retirement.


We assess your financial situation and work out any possible Centrelink entitlements and take action to ensure you receive any benefits. This could be in the form of an age pension, part pension, a health care card or a combination of the above.

Estate Planning

We place a high importance on planning and protecting the transfer of your estate and wealth. We listen to your desired outcomes and create a estate plan to achieve this.

Aged Care

We have a wealth of experience in setting you up for Phase3 of retirement. This involves advice around planning for a retirement village, home care or aged care. We believe it is never too early to prepare for this phase for peace of mind and to take stress or responsibility in decision making from your family.

Superannuation Strategy

Peter will assess your overall situation and develop an individual strategy and management approach to maximise your financial goals.

We help you navigate and plan for the 3 Phases of retirement

Phase 1

Celebrate + Splurge
60-75 years

In the first 10 years of retirement we see our clients buy a new car, do some home renovations and explore overseas travel.
After all you have worked hard for the last 50 years – you totally deserve it!

We assist by advance planning to ensure Phase 1 of your retirement looks like you want it to.

Phase 2

Relax + Enjoy
75+ years

The following 10 years of retirement brings us to Phase 2, where we often see our clients enjoying a comfortable lifestyle and exploring more local travel around Australia.

Retirement plans give you the financial confidence and ensure you get as much out of Phase 2 of your retirement as you can.

Phase 3

Health + Homecare

In Phase 3 our clients are often slowing the pace of their lifestyle. They may be experiencing some medical issues or looking to a retirement village, home care or aged care.

Planning for Phase 3 is very important and is often overlooked until it is required. Planning ahead assists you and also your family.