Worried about retirement? Despite the news headlines, a comfortable retirement
DOES NOT require 1 million dollars in the bank*. Let us show you how…
*ASFA Retirement Standard

Creating Confident Retirement Living through experienced financial planning

If an Aged Care and Centrelink Specialist is what you are looking for then look no further than Phase 3 Retirement Solutions, as Peter Donovans’ qualifications and experience fit this profile. These two specialities also tie in beautifully with retirement planning as well.

Having demonstrated high ethics and compliance throughout his career, showing that understanding individual needs and goals are paramount to providing clients with financial knowledge, experience and expertise.

Peter takes the time to get to know you, your goals and financial situation and what is truly important to you, before developing a personalised retirement plan. His aim to provide all clients and their families with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with financial security.

Contact Peter to discuss a tailored solution to meet YOUR needs not something off the shelf.

The Phase3 difference…

Our approach to securing your financial future for retirement starts with considering our 3 Phases of retirement. We believe the key to planning your retirement in taking each step into consideration in advance based on your personal financial situation and retirement goals.

Why our clients choose us…

  1. Peter is passionate about Creating Financial Confidence for retirement.
  2. Experienced + Trusted to create a personalised plan to secure your future
  3. Proven Strategies to gain access to Centrelink entitlements and Aged Care.

Ready to set up your financial future? Contact us.

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We help you navigate and plan for the 3 Phases of retirement

Phase 1

Celebrate + Splurge
60-75 years

In the first 10 years of retirement we see our clients buy a new car, do some home renovations and explore overseas travel.
After all you have worked hard for the last 50 years – you totally deserve it!

We assist by advance planning to ensure Phase 1 of your retirement looks like you want it to.

Phase 2

Relax + Enjoy
75+ years

The following 10 years of retirement brings us to Phase 2, where we often see our clients enjoying a comfortable lifestyle and exploring more local travel around Australia.

Retirement plans give you the financial confidence and ensure you get as much out of Phase 2 of your retirement as you can.

Phase 3

Health + Homecare

In Phase 3 our clients are often slowing the pace of their lifestyle. They may be experiencing some medical issues or looking to a retirement village, home care or aged care.

Planning for Phase 3 is very important and is often overlooked until it is required. Planning ahead assists you and also your family.